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Wattanosoth Hospital

Background / History

Wattanosoth Hospital (WSH) is the first private hospital to offer specialized cancer care in Thailand and is under the management of Bangkok Dusit Medical Services PCL. It was established as the first private institution to provide high quality comprehensive cancer care that meets international standards. Its name was bestowed by Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. Wattanosoth Hospital works closely with oncologists and international institutions renowned in cancer care.

Multidisciplinary teams

Wattanosoth Hospital offers cancer care with the latest medical innovations in Thailand. Considered a pioneer in cancer treatment with regards to state-of-the-art technology, the hospital offers a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.

Specialized multidisciplinary medical personnel collaborate following a systematic process for cancer care. Various specialized medical personnel at Wattanosoth Hospital include diagnostic radiologists, nuclear medicine technologists, pathologists, surgical oncologists, ablation specialists, surgical oncologists, ablation specialists, cancer physicians, pain management specialists, nutritionists, pharmacists and nurses specialized in cancer care.

Modern technology

Wattanosoth Hospital  is committed to improving the quality of life of patients and sharing research with fellow scientists, professionals  and the community at large. It employs modern diagnostic technologies with a combination of therapies including CT Scans, MRI, PET/CT, Digital Mammogram, Cyclotron, radiation, chemotherapy including molecular targeted therapy and immunotherapy, palliative care and pain management, as well as emotional and nutritional support.

Through collaborative research with international institutions and multidisciplinary teams of specialized physicians, WSH utilizes cutting-edge technologies to provide innovative treatment methods that are pioneering advanced cancer treatment in the conutry.

Wattanosoth Hospital is a key proponent in hosting seminars for exchange of knowledge, techniques, and training in Cancer care with international institutions. To ensure that services meet international standards, the hospital today cooperates with the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, one of the leading institutions in the world with regards to cancer care.

Highest international standards

By using advanced technology, Thailand's healthcare and medical sector indusry has grown in leaps and bounds in cecent years for a wide variety of reasons, chief of which is the high standard of the country's hospitals and medical facilities. While Thailand's medical professionals are highly qualified, medical tourists are also attracted by the fact that the cost of medical treatments in Thailand is significantly lower compared go identical treatments in other developed parts of the world.

Wattanosoth Hospital, through the use of advanced technology, professionalism and excellent service, has helped advance the quality of medical tourism in the country by adhering to internationally accepted standards of quality.

Proof of the hospital's unwavering commitment to the highest standards of quality and services and dedication to excellence, Wattanosoth Hospital is recognized and accredited by the prestigious Joint Commission International (JCI), a US-based international accrediting organization assessing a medical facility to make sure it meets the high international standards and requirements involved in providing medical treatment and care. JCI is , by far, the leading international accreditation body and fast emerging as the gold standard in the area.

Concept of Total Cancer Care

Wattanosoth Hospital has 8 years of experience in providing quality service with regards to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer patients under the Total Cancer Care concept. Under this concept, patients receive comprehensive treatment service from specialized medical personnel utilizing advanced technology and techniques for diagnosis and treatment while taking into consideration both the physical and emotional aspects of the patient.

Multi-dimensional one-stop service for cancer care has meant that the number of cancer survivors under Wattanosoth Hospital has been gradually decreasing. Furthermore, we have supported patients to maintain a good quality of life and effectively reduce mortality rates. Patients can rest assured of receiving appropriate and timely treatment.


The departments of Wattanosoth Hospital include the following:

  • Wattanosoth Early Detection Center
  • Oncology Imaging and Nuclear Medicine Service
  • Ambulatory Chemotherapy Care Center
  • OPD wattanosoth (Cancer Clinic)
  • Surgical Oncology Clinic
  • Radiotherapy Service
  • Breast Center

Location and Contact Information

Wattanosoth Hospital

2 Soi Soonvijai 7, New Petchburi Road, Huaykwang Bangkok, Thailand 10310. 

Tel. +662-310 3000 or  1719 (for local calls only)