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Vascular Disease: Importance and Treatment

Chronic wound or legs swelling can generally occur without known cause; however, this should not be ignored since vascular diseases can be hidden in the body especially people who have had diabetes, heart diseases or hypertension. Particularly, if the wound is persistent and does not heal, it may imply that you are experiencing some kind of vascular diseases.



When seeing someone swelling in the legs, people often thought of Elephantiasis or some other severe diseases, they might think of diabetes especially if the swelling seem worse. Nevertheless, the reason behind legs swellings probably associate with the vascular, veins and arteries in your body. They may be as a result of injuries or accidents, leading to the blood vessel to clot (thrombosis), and interrupt the arterial blood supply to a tissue or an organ. If untreated, tissue turns black and die, a certain part of the body must be then removed surgically.


Vascular Surgery

Nowadays, a various vascular surgical approaches and techniques have evolved, being able to treat more and more conditions, and requiring a vascular specialist or surgeon who has been highly trained to treat diseases of the vascular system. A vascular surgeon understands the vascular system, diagnose, plan and select the best appropriate treatment for each patient. To save organ and save lives, very small blood vessels even 1 millimeter can be surgically treated.


vascular bypass is a surgery to reconnect blood vessel to improve blood flow around the blocked portion of an artery.

Stent is a procedure to place a metal-mesh tube, called a stent, expanding inside the artery to increase blood flow in the blocked area.


Leg swellings and deep chronic wound may signify venous or arterial disease and this is not visible to the naked eye, therefore, advanced medical equipment is essential to figure out the cause of the illness, the quicker we can do, more lives we can save. Our hospital is equipped with latest technology to treat vascular diseases such as hybrid operating theatre providing real-time visualization of vessel. Showing the function of blood vessels in real time can be carried out and contrast agents or contrast media can be injected a blood vessel, problem will be detected and the doctor can plan the suitable treatment.


Objective of Vascular treatment

Our goal is to save an organ and save life by vascular specialized techniques and advance medical equipment.

1.To save lives, patients with abdominal aortic aneurysm will have a higher risk of rupture which can lead to death, vascular surgeon may either perform the surgery or the stent placement through the groin

2.To save an organ, a sudden ischemia, the vascular surgeon will make every possible ways to improve blood flow, prevent tissue damage, cell death, and amputation

3.To improve the quality of life, when the chronic wound is so painful until you are not able to walk, and affect the daily routine, the vascular surgeon will restore the blood flow for the patients to recover, and return to their normal lives as quickest as possible.


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